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What does a performance driving instructor offer you? [Part 3/3]

Part 3/3 is here. What is our work? How is our presence beneficial to the driver?

The way I like to explain it to some of my drivers is to think of our driving skills like a software program.
The more parameters (track knowledge, driving theory, understanding of physics, sensory inputs, sounds, smells, vibrations etc.) and information this software has while coding (driving) the more refined the outcome is going to be. Simple as that.

And what you get when having an instructor next to you is exactly that. A concentrate of years of experience along with specific knowledge around a subject that will firstly try to keep you away from harms way and secondly make you a faster driver.

And should i touch on the more obvious role of an instructor in this text?!

How you could be driving on your own around a track for literally a whole day and keep on doing the same thing over and over again. Maybe something small maybe something big.
Maybe going through your set of, not cheap, racetrack tires and brake pads faster than you could just because of a wrong line or maybe endangering yourself because you kept on pushing at the same – wrong – point of the track.

Just as reference, when I was younger I used to play tennis for a good 7 years. The lion’s share of this time was training, constantly with a trainer alongside. And after that I would play with friends as well, alone.
Why? What was the point? I knew how to hit the ball already and many times even it was frustrating for me to listen to my coach tell me “How I am doing it wrong”, “how I should finish the move up to the top”, “wait before the ball reaches the top spot before I land my serve” etc.
Things I knew but things I would for some reason do differently during that day.
And what separates good from better from best is accuracy and consistency.

But practice makes perfect and having the eye of someone more accurate than you with more experience than you, offer you his input in a way that is understandable and easy to process is what can and will eventually make you better at your sport.

And whist being out of shape or concentration during a tennis match, will usually mean that you won’t be able to land those nice shots and eventually lose a game or match – the same cannot be said while racing/driving on track.

It is an error of a tenth of a second that can change the outcome of your day or in some cases of the rest of your life.

And to simply finish with my rumbling, if those two things above sound like reasons to have an instructor with you during your next visit on track, then I would highly recommend stop procrastinating against it and actually doing it!

You can thank me by just leaving a comment here, proving me right (or otherwise 🙂 )

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