Circuit De Spa Francorchamps

Built back in the 20’s, spreading inside the Ardennes mountains of Belgium was once the fastest and most dangerous racetrack in Europe, as it was also double in length (14.9km) from what it is today.

With a length of 7.004km per lap, this racetrack is the longest in the F1 Grand Prix.

With the help of a big renovation in 2007, one of the oldest racetracks in Europe is still one, if not the most prestigious in the F1 calendar.

Hosting one of the most iconic and recognisable corners around the world, Eau Rouge/Raidillon, with a maximum gradient in excess of 18% and a crest with a blind exit at the top.

The Belgian Rollercoaster, as racers use to call it, since its production and regardless of the different layouts it has received over the years, is still one of the most technical racetracks out there, with a very high average speed.


  • Length: 7.004km (4.352ml)
  • Left Turns: 10
  • Right Turns: 9
  • Elevation Change: ~105mt
  • Construction year: 1920

Spa Francorchamps Records

  • Driver: Vallteri Bottas
  • Car: Mercedes AMG Petronas F1
  • Year: 2018
  • Race: F1 Grand Prix
  • Laptime: 1:46:286




Length per lap


Elevation Change

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