Whether you are a racer looking to hone his techniques and discover those hidden tenths or an advanced trackday driver looking to perfect his driving style and become more repetitive. 

A casual trackday user who wants to take the next step and get rid of the bad habits or even a beginner wanting to learn the basics around driving on track.

Specialised Racing Drivers
Drop your times by getting valuable insight on braking points, turn-in markers, specific ways of approach for different corners & data acquisition analysis.
Advanced Trackday Drivers
Get faster, finesse & introduce new techniques to your skill-set and also become more repetitive and constant.
Beginner Trackday Drivers
Start from scratch. Learn the basics around driving on track, take your first steps and learn on your own pace and ease with the help of an experienced professional.

These coaching sessions are aimed to serve all kind of different skill set levels and guarantee to make you a faster, better, safer driver at the end of the day.

One on one means that you get to have exclusivity, in order to focus on YOUR driving and YOUR progress.


  • FIA Approved Racing Helmet
  • Racing Intercom
  • Data Acquisition Device
  • Camera Footage

Topics (Beginners) Covered

  • Seating Position
  • Safety Explained
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Racing Line Explained
  • Dry vs Wet
  • Consumables Management
  • Mental Practice
  • Many more….

Session goals

Short Term

Bad habits that have to go away. Racing line errors. Throttle / Brake application corrections. Peripheral awareness training. Data acquisition analysis. Finding the limit. Driving over the limit. Understanding the physics of the car. What is the coefficient of grip?

Whatever your short term goal, you are guaranteed to smash it!

Long Term

Like any other sport, driving or racing on track requires constant training. At least if you want to be good and excel at it!

Even when you are done breaking each day into different training exercises there is still a long way to go by just practising.

Doing it with the right person alongside you should be your only worry.

You can leave all the rest to me!

“Kostas, you have a great ability to understand, isolate and explain very clearly the things that i can improve and need to address. That is truly amazing.”

S.NelissenAdvanced Trackday Driver