Circuit de Spa Francorchamps

All Spa Francorchamps trackdays for 2022

TRAKCDAYS AT SPA FRACNORCHAMPS IN 2022 Hello to all dear trackday enthusiasts and racers out there! Like every year, it is time for a nice concentrated post including all trackdays…
Circuit de Spa Francorchamps
Trackguide: Circuit of Spa Francorchamps
Let’s fix this Nurburgring.

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Who is K.Zannos?

Konstantinos is a man full of passion for motorsport, fast driving and exelixis.
A small flame from something that originally started as a hobby, ended up growing into something so big, that one day he decided to abandon his career until then and move to Belgium to follow his dream.

What is his dream? To fuel your passion and make you a faster driver!

And what has he achieved since then?

2020 - Now

Official Driving Instructor for Lapland Ice Driving

2019 - Now

Founder / CEO - WDP_Winning Driven Performance

2016 - Now

Official Driving Instructor for RSRSpa

2016 - 2018

Official Taxi Lap Driver for Circuit De Spa Francorchamps


Official Test Driver for the Nissan GTR 2017 World launch


Time Attack Championship winner (GTCC)
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