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The first trackdays for season 2021 are here!


I think we can all agree.
It has been a long and tiresome period with everything happening around us and if anything i personally have been counting days backwards to when the tracks will open again.

And here we are, finally next week blows the whistle for the start of 2021 season for Circuit of Spa Francorchamps with Lotus UK and the first double header for the season from our friends at Circuit Days.
Then follows Skylimit Events (sold out) and the premium Curbstone Driving Events.

Still a few slots available for their days, so if you want to drive and you didn’t know when, then here is your chance!


With measures being strict like last year’s start of the season, things are a bit stiffer.
If you don’t know what i am talking about then you can read more in this post here.

  • That means that visitors are not allowed and that you can enter the track only with the necessary QR code which will be given to you during your registration with the organiser.
  • Limited numbers inside the pitboxes
  • Limited numbers allowed on the actual site of the track (300 people max)
  • Masks at all times except when inside the car where the use of balaclava is mandatory

And of course then there is the issue of passengers.

Unless both people are participating in some racing event recognised by RACB or FIA, which means that you have a valid racing license, then you are not allowed to have 2 people inside the car.

Based on the above, coaching is left strictly to the professionals and those going to attend and actually race during this season.

Looking for a 1-on-1 coach?
Given the current situation… it’s good to know that remote data and video analysis is my specialty!

And last but not least, are you looking for a car rental?
Contact me at and let’s find out how we can make your life easier and faster.

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